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How to Reduce Your Stress and Have a Clear Vision In Your Life and Business

In this episode of the Built for the Trades podcast, host Dan Dowdy welcomes Stephen Christopher with Wit Digital. Dan and Stephen discuss reducing stress, getting more clear on where you’re going, and being able to make decisions. There are many times business owners, and leaders in the trades get in their way, and Stephen has excellent tips for getting out of those same ruts in the road.

“Life is so much more than just making money and running a business. To really be fulfilled, there’s a lot more to that.” 

Imagine a world where people use 90% or more of their energy moving toward what they desire and know that we’re meant to be happy, fulfilled, and infinitely abundant.  That’s the world we have the power to exist in.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The steps to being fulfilled without feeling guilty from the insanity cycle of packing your mind with trade show tips and masterminds
  • Getting out of the same day-to-day rut and going down a new side of the road to creating positivity and reduce stress.
  • Creating separation between work and home to live without frustration and guilt from not being present with your family.
  • Meditating to separate yourself from stress to live a better life naturally and maintain your future success.

“I started to realize that the answer I was looking for was not to be found in any book; the answers that I was looking for were within me.”

Guest Bio

Stephen is the founder of a multi-million marketing agency, Wit Digital, that serves home service companies. With a tremendous passion for Intuitive guiding and coaching, Stephen has been able to inspire people to become more than they ever thought possible.

Stephen believes we are the conscious creators of our reality through our thoughts and energy. If we don’t like our current reality, we are the only ones that can choose to change it. He encourages everyone to take control of their life and live it with intention and excitement!

Stephen helps home service companies grow their business through proper digital marketing strategies customized based on their objectives. He also inspires leaders to learn that they’re in control of their lives and how to harness the power of creation to choose the life they desire to live. 

If you are a business owner wanting to exit the day-to-day of your business while still owning the company, this is the episode for you! Get ready to be inspired to become more than you ever thought possible.

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