Welcome to the channel. Today, we’re diving into a crucial topic: How to navigate the off-season for trades businesses. Whether you’re in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or any other trade, we all face seasonal fluctuations. In this episode, I’ll share a five-point checklist to help you make the most of slower periods and ensure your business thrives year-round. Remember, it’s all about mindset—embracing the off-season as an opportunity rather than a setback. So, let’s get started and turn downtime into a time for growth and preparation!



  • Ensure all your marketing channels—website, phone numbers, and customer chat forms—are fully functional to avoid losing potential business due to simple technical issues.


  • Prioritize and consistently follow up on unsold estimates, focusing on the highest value or the oldest ones first, to convert more leads into sales.


  • Regularly check in with your existing customers to show you care and to offer additional services, maintaining strong relationships and uncovering new business opportunities.


  • Use downtime to clean, organize, and maintain your shop, office, and tools, ensuring everything is in top condition for the busy season.


  • Utilize slow periods to train and coach your team on new concepts, reinforce existing knowledge, and improve their skills, preparing them for increased efficiency when business picks up.


Navigating the off-season with the right mindset and proactive strategies can significantly benefit your trades business. By checking your marketing, prioritizing follow-ups, engaging with customers, organizing your workspace, and training your team, you’ll be well-prepared for the busy season. Remember, turning downtime into an opportunity for growth and preparation will lead to long-term success.

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