Recap with Dan Dowdy: Investing in Customer Service Skills: A Key to Success for Trades Businesses

In this episode of the Bill for the Trades podcast, the host, Dan Dowdy, invites Nathan Glass, a coach, and facilitator at Built for the Trades, to discuss a leadership topic pulled from an interview with Zach Garside, the CEO of Power Selling Pros. The phrase that caught their attention was “doing what is right over what is easy,” they explored what it means in the context of leadership.

Dowdy recalls a story from Zach’s interview about how his dad made the tough decision to move the family from California to Utah for better schools and opportunities but still flew back to California to run his established locksmith business. This decision was an example of doing what is right over what is easy, as it required sacrifices and extra effort to ensure the best outcome for the family.

Glass shares a personal story from his high school basketball days about how he learned the importance of doing what is right, even in small things like touching the line during suicide drills. He found that his soul felt better when he did the right thing and had integrity, rather than taking shortcuts and lacking integrity.

The episode also includes insights from at least ten other people who were asked what “doing what is right over what is easy” means to them. This diversity of perspectives highlights how this principle can apply to different situations and contexts. Still, it ultimately boils down to prioritizing doing the right thing, even if it’s not the easiest or most convenient option.

The podcast emphasizes that developing leadership is a lifetime journey and encourages listeners to subscribe and share the content with others committed to growing in their leadership.

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