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Recap With Dan Dowdy: How XOI Could Benefit Your Technicians

In a podcast recap episode from Built For The Trades, Dan Dowdy discusses the importance of understanding others’ perspectives in leadership. The episode features JP Cahalan from XOI Technologies, who stresses the value of putting oneself in the shoes of technicians to develop technology that benefits them.

Dowdy shares a quote from Kylie Francis that highlights the importance of not placing one’s happiness on others’ opinions or judgments. As a leader, it is essential to take the time to understand others’ perspectives and show empathy. Understanding others, especially in a leadership position, can be challenging, but it is vital to building solid relationships.

XOI offers a tool called Collaborate, like FaceTime on steroids, allowing live calls, drawing on screens, and real-time pointing to solve problems. They also can record interactions and use AI to make them an asset, pushing the solutions back to technicians when they have issues. The conversation emphasizes the importance of building assets and being smarter to support technicians and make them efficient.

Understanding others is a crucial leadership principle that can help build stronger relationships, foster empathy, and make better decisions. It is essential to take the time to understand others’ perspectives, not just in the workplace but also in personal relationships. Leaders can develop their perspective-taking, seeking, and coordinating skills with practice, leading to a more positive and productive environment.

About J.P. Calahan

JP Cahalan from XOI Technologies, which provides an app for technicians to capture and collaborate on work and get coaching. Calahan talks about his background and growing up in a small town in Florida, where he worked at a paper plate factory during his summer holidays. Later he worked in construction and became a project manager in a company specializing in modular building systems. He eventually joined XOI Technologies, where he spent nine years. 

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