How To Build Trust In The Trades

Recap with Dan Dowdy: How To Build Trust In The Trades

In this episode of the Built for the Trades podcast, host Dan Dowdy recaps his recent interview with Terry Petrovick of Team Wow Media. One of the fundamental leadership principles that stood out during the interview was the power of reciprocation. In this recap, we are diving right in and elaborating on what that could do for your business!

One of Terry’s most significant attributes is building trust online. Every prospect that comes into your business has a problem, and all they want to do is a partner with somebody to help them make that problem disappear.

How do you do that? Listen in to learn…

1. How video testimonials can take your business to the next level.

2. The power of reciprocation and the best time to leverage your customers’ appreciation.

3. How Terry can help you gain trust through your website and online presence.

“You don’t want to be the leader that is all alone. If you try to go out alone, you are eventually going to hit a ceiling that you can’t go beyond.”

– Dan Dowdy

Terry not only connects with people but also has a heart for serving and exceeding his client’s expectations. If you want to separate yourself from your competitors, go check Terry out and hop on a call with him so he can walk you through the potential magic of your online presence!

About Terry Petrovick

Terry Petrovick has a degree in Computer Science and spent 15 yrs in the software profession before starting his own business. He started marketing online in 2008. Since then, he has trained and coached thousands of business owners worldwide. He has multiple YouTube Channels with millions of views and thousands of subscribers. Terry is passionate about helping business owners build trust online to book more appointments and make more sales.

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