Recap with Dan Dowdy: How In-House Training Could Take Your Business To The Next Level

Recap With Dan Dowdy: How In-House Training Could Take Your Business To The Next Level

As the host of the Built for the Trades Podcast, Dan Dowdy always looks for ways to help tradesmen and women grow through leadership development. In a recent recap episode with Dan Clapper from Interplay Learning, Dan dives into the concept of “serving over selling” and how it applies to leadership.

Interplay Learning’s mission is to better careers and lives for skilled trades, and they do it in a very innovative way that will help take your leadership and your business to the next level. In this podcast episode, Dan shares some key points on the leadership principle of “serving over selling.”

Serving over selling is about genuinely focusing on the person you’re with, giving them your full attention, and asking questions to understand better their needs, wants, and concerns. The difference between serving and selling is that you are attentive, documenting, and providing options to solve the other person’s needs. In contrast, selling is more about what you want to sell to that person, not their needs.

At Built for the Trades, we teach about the Four Stages of Leadership: position, relationship building, production, and transformation. In stage one, you set clear expectations in writing with a positive mindset. In stage two, you build a relationship by giving the other person your undivided attention and being curious about them, taking notes, and writing down what you learn. In stage three, you show leadership by example; in stage four, you transform your team by inspiring and empowering them to reach their full potential.

About Dan Clapper

Since 2016, Austin-based Interplay Learning has been building better training, better careers and better lives for our customers and their employees. Our award-winning online and VR training for the essential skilled trades is scalable and more effective than traditional training methods. By leveraging our immersive learning platform, SkillMill, our customers are able to train and practice hands-on learning from any device or in virtual reality. The result is a highly trained employee who is job-ready in weeks, not years

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