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Recap with Dan Dowdy: Building Generational Companies With Core Values In Mind

In this episode of the Built for the Trades podcast, host Dan Dowdy recaps his interview with Chris Cline of Yochim Plumbing. In the original interview, Dan and Chris chat about their experiences with being second-generation tradesmen and being “old school” where integrity, hard work, and a handshake means everything in business.

Chris’s father, Mark Yochim, built Yochim Plumbing into what it is today. They genuinely encompass the meaning of generational and people-focused tradesmen and women with their core values in operation. In this recap, Dan shares how your team directly reflects you as their leader and how this will present itself in generations to come.

How do you do that? Listen to this episode for these top tips:

  • Find out how the previous generations of your business can still teach you today.
  • Discover how outdated marketing strategies are still growing businesses and relationships today.
  • Learn how your team is a direct reflection of you as a leader.

Your culture and your business is a direct reflection of you because you, deep down, have core values and live by those core values.

-Dan Dowdy

It is essential to keep in mind that your company will rise to your leadership level. We hope this episode inspires you to take the steps today to ensure your business is a place your employees want to give and serve.

About Chris

I have been in the plumbing trade since I can remember. My dad would take me on weekends to jobs. I knew pipe fittings and sizes by the time I was a small child, probably seven years old. I have always been fascinated with plumbing systems and mechanical trades in general. When I graduated from High School, I began working for my father’s plumbing business almost right away. I worked for my father for nine years before craving something bigger and more challenging. I went to work for the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District as a plumber in the maintenance department. I only held that position for just under two years before promoting to the Facilities Improvement Projects Department. I was given control as a construction manager of a $53 Million New Construction Science and Technology building. The project was completed, and I was promoted to work in the maintenance department again as a Maintenance Supervisor. A position opened at a local school district, and I took that position for the Newhall School District as a Director of Facilities. While holding that position for a few years, my father came to me with my brother and said, “Hey, look, I need to retire. Would you be interested in helping with the business?”.

I jumped at the opportunity to take on the challenge of running our family business and helping retire my father. Since April of 2018, I have worked tirelessly to ensure the sustainability of our small business. We are coaching with Built for the Trades; we have done the work to grow this business and be the best we can be at all times. Core values, vision, and hard work are how we have developed this business 5X since starting in April 2018.

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