Recap with Dan Dowdy: Appreciation: The Under Valued Tool In Employee Retention

Recap with Dan Dowdy: Appreciation: The Under Valued Tool In Employee Retention

In this episode of the Built for the Trades podcast, host Dan Dowdy recaps his recent interview with Michael Sauer of Scorpion. Michael is passionate about helping business owners discover what motivates their employees to ensure every employee and company is valued. In this recap, Dan shares a couple of leadership principles that he and Michael talked about that stood out as essential to get across to the leaders in the trade.

In the original interview, Michael shares how what we are doing as managers likely are not enough. This is why everyone is leaving our companies. As you listen through this episode, note that Michael shares incredible insight on cultivating a team that wants to stick around. 

How do you do that? Listen to this episode for these top tips:

  1. Find out how The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace can help you curb The Great Resignation.
  2. Discover how better to understand yourself, your coworkers, and your employees!
  3. Learn the easiest way to show appreciation and how it might benefit your company.

“It’s hard to find good help, and then once we find good help, it’s hard to retain good help. I want to squash that mindset because if that is your mindset, and that’s what comes out of your mouth every day, that is what you’re going to get.”

– Dan Dowdy

Remember to live in the moment and be present with each person. The person in front of you should always be the most important person in your life at that moment. You should give them your undivided attention and make complete efforts to serve that person. There are people out there looking for top companies to come in, feel bought into the vision, appreciated, and help take your business to the next level. 

If you are interested in learning how the Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace can be implemented in your business or if you are looking to maximize your company’s profitability by, among other things, targeting your ideal clients, please feel free to reach out to Michael at Ask@Scorpion.co to learn more.

About Michael Sauer

For over 18 years, business owners have been consulting with Michael Sauer, Scorpion’s Master Trainer & Coach, to maximize their company’s valuation. Whether business owners are looking to immediately improve their profitability or create a strategic plan to sell their business in the future, Michael’s unique background as both an electrical engineer and attorney allows him to provide them with specific actionable steps, which has resulted in them achieving their desired results.

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