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Only Two Tools You Need To Build Better Team Members

This episode is for you if you wish to create healthy boundaries for employees and reduce the threat of miscommunication and failed expectations.

Listen to this episode for these top tips:

  • Find out how setting clear expectations for your employees benefits your team as a whole.
  • Uncover how the power of communication and accountability with set dates and checklists is more beneficial for productivity bonuses than commission.
  • Learn how Dan Dowdy reduces chaos and builds excellent teams for profitable business endeavors. 

…it’s going to be a proactive system that you can have in your business that allows you to stay ahead of the problem. So many times in business, we’re always fixing the issues that pop up, but we don’t look back a few steps before that and ask ourselves, ‘what is it that we’re missing? What’s the sign that we’re missing that’s causing this issue and this position agreement scorecard combo is a great way to tame that chaos in your business...

-Dan Dowdy

About Dan

Dan Dowdy has over 20 years of trade experience that he utilizes to share simple tricks and tools for creating successful business. His podcast platform “Built for the Trades” helps the listener to better understand the employer/employee working relationship and other tradesperson dynamics from a position of leadership. Go check out Dan’s plethora of knowledge if you want to reduce chaos in the work environment and create a progressive work atmosphere. Trade on!

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