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Investing in Customer Service Skills: A Key to Success for Trades Businesses

In the trades industry, customer service skills can be the difference between a thriving business and one that struggles to stay afloat. This was the focus of a recent episode of the Built For The Trades podcast, where host Dan Dowdy spoke with Zach Garside, CEO of Power Selling Pros, a company that provides customer service training to home service businesses.

Zach’s background in the HVAC industry led him to found Power Selling Pros, recognizing the need for improved customer service skills among tradespeople. In the podcast, he emphasized the importance of building trust and customer relationships, which leads to repeat business and positive reviews. This can have a significant impact on the success of a business in a competitive industry.

However, businesses often need to improve customer service, such as poor communication or failure to follow up after a service call. Zach stressed the importance of finding team members with positive attitudes and empathy to avoid these missteps. This, along with company culture and leadership that values customer service, can lead to a successful team.

The conversation then turned to the eight principles that Power Selling Pros teaches to build successful customer interactions: be positive, be prepared, listen, care, reassure, ask for the meaning, be valuable, and be grateful. These principles provide a foundation for great conversations and help build customer relationships, ultimately leading to business success.

One key takeaway from the podcast was investing in customer service skills. This benefits the business and the individual employees, who can develop valuable skills for their career advancement. It also helps improve the reputation of the trade industry by demonstrating the value of excellent customer service.

In conclusion, the Built For The Trades podcast episode with Zach Garside highlights the importance of customer service skills for trade businesses. By investing in these skills and prioritizing customer relationships, businesses can set themselves up for success in a competitive industry.

About Zac Garside

Zac Garside is the CEO of Power Selling Pro’s who has been in business for over 14 years and has over 1,000 students enrolled in their program. He is a husband and father of three kiddos and loves the water, based out of Hyrum, UT, Utah’s best-kept secret.

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