How To Recruit In The Trades Using Social Media

In this episode of the Built for the Trades podcast, host Dan Dowdy welcomes Levi Torres with High Five Plumbing in Denver. Levi is doing something that is ahead of the times when it comes to using social media to recruit in the trades, Dan and Levi discuss how he’s really caught a lot of traction with it.

If you’re in the trades and looking for new ways to recruit and cultivate a team that grows in business and in their own lives, this episode is for you!

“If you operate a business that you truly believe people want to come to work at, then people need to see how it operates on the inside.”

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The day-to-day life of running a plumbing business with your spouse
  • How Levi thought out the High 5 brand and the benefits of having a brand that isn’t tied to your name
  • The ins and outs of using social media to cultivate a team vs. just to obtain customers and leads
  • How to tap into the benefits of using social media for your business even when you personally despise social media
  • The importance of cultivating a culture and team that grows with your business and in their own lives.
  • How High 5 created diverse apparel options for the team to show off their personal styles and how that turned into community demand merchandise. 

“By creating a positive culture, you have to show that you want them to be successful, other than in your doors.”

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