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Building Generational Companies with Core Values In Mind

In this episode with Dan Dowdy, he interviews Chris Cline from Yochim Plumbing, who is a Founding Member here at Built For The Trades. Dan and Chris chat about their experiences with being second-generation tradesmen and being “old school” where integrity, hard work, and a handshake means everything in business. Chris’s story of how his father and Mark Yochim built Yochim Plumbing to what it is today, truly encompasses the meaning of generational, and people-focused, tradesmen and women with their core values in operation. 

“We are in the people business, building relationships, serving other people, and making their lives better.”

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Core values make an impact by defining who and what you want your business to stand for by determining three to five values to stand on. 
  • Creating relationships with your customers and community leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come. 
  • Keys to being branded well can mean using simple magnets and stickers, to share with your customers and place on the water heater, garbage disposal, refrigerators, etc.
  • Your relationship with your spouse can positively and negatively impact your business. Setting clear expectations, communication, and teamwork are what build amazing marriages of success. 
  • Tips on getting through the challenges of leveling up your home service company to create a strong generational base to continue for years to come.

“I feel that you’re going to keep your head clear as long as you can get it out. You gotta have a pressure relief.” -Chris Cline

Guest Bio

I have been in the plumbing trade since I can remember. My dad would take me on weekends to jobs. I knew pipe fittings and sizes by the time I was a small child, probably seven years old. I have always been fascinated with plumbing systems and mechanical trades in general. When I graduated from High School, I began working for my father’s plumbing business almost right away. I worked for my father for nine years before craving something bigger and more challenging. I went to work for the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District as a plumber in the maintenance department. I only held that position for just under two years before promoting to the Facilities Improvement Projects Department. I was given control as a construction manager of a $53 Million New Construction Science and Technology building. The project was completed, and I was promoted to work in the maintenance department again as a Maintenance Supervisor. A position opened at a local school district, and I took that position for the Newhall School District as a Director of Facilities. While holding that position for a few years, my father came to me with my brother and said, “Hey, look, I need to retire. Would you be interested in helping with the business?”.

I jumped at the opportunity to take on the challenge of running our family business and helping retire my father. Since April of 2018, I have worked tirelessly to ensure the sustainability of our small business. We are coaching with Built for the Trades; we have done the work to grow this business and be the best we can be at all times. Core values, vision, and hard work are how we have developed this business 5X since starting in April 2018.

Company Bio

Yochim Plumbing was founded in June 1978 by Mark Yochim and Vern Cline. “Mark A. Yochim Plumbing” is a small 6-truck operation located in Canyon Country, a small town inside Santa Clarita. Just 45 mins north of Los Angeles. Yochim Plumbing is a small service and repair business founded on CORE Values.

Yochim Plumbing was owned and operated by Mark Yochim until January of 1999 when purchased by Vern Cline, the original founding member. Vern ran the business another 18 years before selling it to his sons Chris and Mark, who now operate it as a best practice business. Founded and still working under the principles established by Mark and Vern.

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