Our upper management and mid level management at Sunrise Plumbing LLC, has been working with Dan and Built for the Trades for a little over a month now. What we have accomplished up to this point is absolutely amazing! Together, we have really given our company next level direction. Our management team is really “developing the leader within”. Our customers and team members are already benefiting from the company message. To be working with someone who has the experience and has been there and done that is priceless. I am excited about where our company will be in a year! Working with Dan and built for the trades is an opportunity of a lifetime!!

Mitchell Salas
Owner/GM/RMP at Sunrise Plumbing LLC

I’ve known Dan for several years and have watched him make HUGE transformations in his life and business.  He is truly driven to serve others and is an incredible, coach, trainer and leader.  He has mastered the ability to drive business growth while still keeping a positive, employee-focused culture, demonstrating true leadership capabilities.

Justin Deese
Gulf Coast Business Coaching

Having worked with Dan for several years as well as seeing him in action first hand, he is one of the most passionate, caring and knowledgeable operators I have meet. From the care he takes in his own business, to passing along that knowledge to not only his own crews, but other business owners if something I have always admired and a rare commodity in this day and age.

I have been part of the same groups as Dan and he always makes the time for others, to answer questions, give advice and is very genuine in his want to help. His knowledge of the trades as well as running a trades business is evident in what he has done for his family business. From turning a wrench to turning a profit, Dan know exactly what he is doing, the best part is he is always willing to share and pass on his successes to help others.

Matt Eckhart
Director of Regional Sales

I would give my highest recommendation for Dan Dowdy and his excellent coaching services. After 4 years of owning Sunflower Services – a small plumbing company – I asked Dan to coach me and our leadership team.  Long story short, his commitment of time, his true care for our family and team, and the wisdom he’s offered have taken us to the next level as a company.  If you’re looking for a one-and-done coach, this is not your guy.  But if you want a solid partner and long-term friend to help you build your business – Dan is the man!

Jonathan Brickley
Sunflower Services

Dan Dowdy was asked to speak at one of our owner retreats and boy were we glad he did. Dan’s clear visionary path was just what our members needed to hear. Dan has a way of reaching an audience that not only captivates them but gets them to really listen. Having Dan as a coach or a speaker would be a benefit to any organization or company.

Joe O’Grady
Coach, trainer, and CEO
The Service Profit Group

I completed our KPI’s for last month and I felt compelled to write you. I want you to know something. Every single month since we first started our coaching sessions with you my company has seen continual growth. Not just financial growth (which is awesome!), I am talking about personal, team and just an overall culture shift. My family company has always had good values but it has never had “Core Values” written on the wall in each room for everyone to openly see or a service system for our employees to follow and be the best they can be. Before working with you we had no idea what
importance trainings had, or written goals and quarterly rocks to get over. The tools you have provided to us really empower us to either stand up and take charge or keep the same as usual but your accountability will not let that happen!

Dan, plain and simple you are a Rockstar. We appreciate your focus, your passion for what you do, your clarity and the attention you give us each time we meet. My brother and I cannot thank you enough. We look forward to our call each time, we care about the assignments and look forward to your feedback. We run our company on our Core Values and we often find ourselves saying “What Would Dan Say About That?”

Chris Cline
Yochim Plumbing

I have known Dan for many years being peers in the trade and then working with his family business in a coaching and consulting capacity.  Dan has a serving heart that comes out when speaking with and to people.  He has a natural charisma that people are drawn to and can relate to everyone in this industry having been in the field and in management roles.  He is one of the best at creating a successful company culture!

Kathy Nielsen
Operations Excellence LLC

With 41 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have an eye for quality. I have had hundreds of employees with more than a dozen businesses to my credit. When you surround yourself with non-biased trusted advisors you gain a sense of confidence unmatched in today’s marketplace. Dan Dowdy brings a high-level of accountability to our mastermind with a calmness of spirit not previously witnessed. There is a humility entrenched within him that is envied by the masses. We are the average of those we surround ourselves by and I want to surround myself with men like Dan.

Aaron Walker
View From The Top