In this episode of Built for the Trades, host Dan Dowdy introduces three simple steps to ignite motivation and inspire excellence within your team. He begins by highlighting a common pitfall among business owners and managers: relying solely on monetary incentives to motivate their team members, which often leads to frustration when it proves insufficient. Recognizing that everyone is unique, Dowdy emphasizes the importance of understanding what drives each individual on the team. He then outlines practical steps to achieve this, including actively listening and observing team members, personalizing rewards and recognition, and providing opportunities for growth. By implementing these strategies, listeners can create a work environment where motivation thrives and excellence becomes the norm. Tune in to discover how to unlock your team’s full potential on Built for the Trades.


In this episode of Built for the Trades, host Dan Dowdy shares three simple steps to ignite motivation and inspire excellence within your team. He begins by addressing the common misconception among business owners and managers that monetary incentives alone are sufficient for motivation, leading to frustration when this approach falls short. Dowdy emphasizes the importance of recognizing the uniqueness of each team member and understanding what motivates them individually. The three steps outlined include building relationships through scheduled one-on-one meetings, setting clear personal and professional goals, and implementing a system for recognizing and celebrating achievements. By following these steps, listeners can foster a motivated and inspired team, leading to greater success in their businesses.

“Step 1: Build a relationship with them using scheduled monthly 121’s. The scheduled part of this is really important. We need to build trust and the only way to build trust is through consistency. 

Step 2: Set Clear Goals for them, not just the company. Start by defining clear, achievable personal and professional goals with your team. Make sure they understand what success looks like and why it matters. When everyone is on the same page, motivation naturally follows.”

“Step 3: Choose to see the good more often than the bad. Put a system in place that allows you to call out the achievements of you team during team meetings. Not just sales, but talk about personal accomplishments and point this back to your core values.

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