Dan Dowdy from Built for the Trades outlines a six-step approach to hiring the right talent for a plumbing business:


The overview provided is a summary of a video by Dan Dowdy from Built for the Trades. The video outlines a six-step approach to successfully hiring the right talent for a plumbing business. 

Here’s an overview of the six steps:


  1. **Attracting the Right Candidates:** Create job ads that reflect your company’s core values and culture to attract the right candidates. Post these ads on multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and local job boards.
  2. **Screening Applications:** Review resumes to assess candidates’ job history and experience. Look at social media profiles to understand their personality and lifestyle.
  3. **Phone Interview:** Conduct phone interviews to assess punctuality, professionalism, and commitment. Ask about important qualifications like a driver’s license, background checks, and drug tests.
  4. **In-Person Interview:** This step allows you to evaluate candidates’ alignment with your company’s core values and interpersonal skills. Have a team member observe body language and other soft skills during the interview.
  5. **Reference Check:** Contact previous employers to gather insights into the candidate’s performance and work ethic. This helps validate their suitability for your team.
  6. **Offer Letter:** Send out an offer letter to the chosen candidate. Keep in mind the human aspect of hiring by considering the candidate’s personal circumstances and how they might impact the work environment.


These steps emphasize the importance of aligning candidates with the company’s values and ensuring a good fit for both parties. By taking the time to properly vet and select the right team members, businesses can build a strong, successful team..

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