Professional Career Experience – Technician to Manager to successful company

Dan Dowdy is a 2nd generation master plumber, with 10+ years of experience running his own service truck and 10+ years of experience leading a multi-million dollar plumbing service company.  Working with family, is a reality for many companies in the trades and you all know the ups and downs that come with this.  Dan can definitely relate to this, he was instrumental in leading the charge to take an already great Mom and Pop company and shift the company into a progressive 5 star company, that is set for growth and looked upon as one of the best companies in the Austin market.  Notable changes like- building a Vision, Mission and Core Values, developing systems and procedures for training, position agreements and scorecards, CSR scripts, tech service systems, inventory management and so much more.  Dan has years of experience in the EOS system, written about in the books like Traction and Rocket Fuel by Geno Wickman and has been personally trained by an EOS Implementor.  Dan has been coached by many amazing coaches over the last 10+ years and now he is wanting to take what he has learned and share it with the world.  Owning and running your business does not have to be hard or all time consuming.  You just have to build the right foundation, that in return helps you to set the right culture for you business.  The right culture will eventually lead you to hiring the right people to run your business and with your new level of leadership, you will be able to empower them, because you have set clear expectations and you continue to inspect what you expect.  With his passion for leadership, Dan has decided to partner with John Maxwell and become John Maxwell certified coach, speaker and trainer.  This allows Dan access to Johns 40+ years of leadership books, that in return can be used for coaching and training your team.  Why try to rewrite the wheel when you can partner with someone with proven leadership success?  Dan is a firm believer that there is nothing new under the sun, all you need to do is “find awesome and copy it”, then make whatever it is fit your company.   

Dan Dowdy is transforming home service business owners through leadership development coaching, that helps them break through the growth ceiling that is commonly experienced by most all home service businesses.  This focused approach to coaching, measures the client’s current level of leadership, then builds a customized leadership growth plan, with clear measurables and accountability, specifically aligned with the client’s business and personal goals.  

“I spent the 20 years in my business as a leader who thought I was leading the right way, but in reality, I did not know exactly what the right way looked like.  It wasn’t until I found my company revenue plateauing year after year that I decided there had to be a better way.  I tried joining different coaching groups and through that process I still found myself stuck in the same rut.  It wasn’t until I started to become a student of business leadership, that I discovered the secret- you must develop your own personal level of leadership, before you can lift the growth lid off of your company.  What does that look like?  With my certification in the John Maxwell Leadership Coaching program, I have developed Project-Leadership.  Project-Leadership is a growth platform that is simple and measurable- it is guaranteed to take your leadership to the next level and in return set a leadership growth plan in place for the entire company.” 

Dan has operated a largely successful home service business, that has seen million-dollar growth year after year.  Project-Leadership coaching techniques are guaranteed to take your business to the next level, all you need to do is sign up and be willing to put in the work!  Your business should give you freedom and financial success.  Let me show you how Project-Leadership can take you and your team to the next level and get you to the results you are looking for in your home service business.